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Trendy Nails Arts for Christmas 2020

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Let's celebrate this holiday season with the latest nail trends at Skyline Nails!

2020 is coming to the end and we just can't wait to get it over with! Christmas is always the most exciting season of the year and we're here to make sure you can enjoy it fully! Check out these amazing nail art inspirations from the internet that you get at our salon during this holiday season.

  1. Clear nails with snow flakes underneath.

This is a simple yet cute look for someone who loves the natural settle colors.

2. Classic red with some simple pattern and hand-draw snow flakes

3. Holiday Green with matte top coat with golden nails accent is the perfect look for a fashion gal!

4. Matte deep red with some cute simple jewelry and accent nails to bring out the holiday spirit!

5. Put some sparkle on your nails and turn it into a Christmas party!

Which one is your favorite? Our nails tech are amazing with designs and they will definitely rock this look on your nails! Check out our Instagram @skylinenails.colorado to get a closer look to our beautiful, detail oriented works!

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