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Christmast Design Ideas For Short Nails - Colorado Springs

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Don't want to have acrylics on your nails but still wanna rock that Christmas look? No worry because we got everything you need to know to complete your holiday outfit!

First thing first, always get GEL COLORS!!! The last thing you want to deal with is getting your nails all smeared on your way home or while you trying to open the door. Gel colors will help your nails looks fresh and shiny all through the holiday and it's dry instantly.

Nude colors and sparkle is always my number one choice

You might not know this but at Skyline Nails, you get a guarantee in the first week after your visit to get it fixed for free (with the same colors that you picked) if the gel colors don't stay on. It's hassle-free and that's just how our customer service is!

Knit-sweater nail design has been a big hit of this year's nail trend and we can do it in any colors of your choice. With a cute ornament, your nails will be ready for this holiday season more than ever!

Another easy classic look is this fun light string that never goes wrong with any look!

If you are the french tips lady, this will be the perfect elegant Christmas look that you've been looking for!

How's about a combination of everything? Yes, by everything - I meant EVERYTHING!

Finally is our most favorite designs that never go out of trend - Classic red nails with Santa looks!

Why wait to celebrate your favorite holiday of the year when you can get it done now with our talented nail techs? We have tons of nail designs and accessories for you to choose from and all you need to do is ASK!

Show us a picture of what you want and we're more than happy to give quotes, it's simple as that! To keep yourself updated with the latest trend, check out: https://www.skylinenailscos.com/

Wanna know more about our month promotion, click here: https://www.skylinenailscos.com/promotions

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